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About Prestige Remodeline

Prestige Remodline is a full-service, all-inclusive remodeling company, serving both residential and commercial customers in the New York City area. We provide expert craftsmanship across a wide array of services from project design to carpentry to finish work. We do it all—we remodel kitchens and bathrooms; we refinish or replace tile and hardwood flooring; we do trim and doors; we paint; we even build custom furniture. We take your ideas, dreams and sketches and bring them to life in a new look you can be proud of. Remodeling is a complex challenge requiring experience, vision and skill covering a wide spectrum including:


  • Design work – where your ideas meet our expertise. As the saying goes, we help you plan the work and work the plan – sketches, architect drawings, photos, permits.
  • Structural work - sound foundational components like framing, rough-ins, concrete and prep work.
  • Functional elements - practical components like plumbing, electrical and flooring.
  • Finish work – painting, fixtures, trim, window treatments.
  • Extras – sourcing suppliers, compliance with government permits/codes/inspections, exterior woodwork, custom furniture, build-arounds, maintenance and repairs.

We have a unique team approach that eliminates many of the problems clients typically face on remodeling projects. We take ownership of each project from day one and provide the complete package, from design to construction work to providing appliances, fixtures and other materials. We work hard until the job is done.

Our goal is always to provide exceptional service to our clients with the best results. We are committed to be professional, reliable, creative, fast and efficient, with dedication, quality craftsmanship and a positive attitude.

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Additional Services We Provide:
Doors & Trim Work
Painting Work
Plumbing Work
Electrical Work
Concrete Work
Window Treatment
Outdoor Wood Work

Kitchen Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling
Railing, Furniture & Decor
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